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OKADA OPP TAPE 48MM X 40Y - (FOR 120 rolls) / Packaging Clear Tape / CLEAR & BROWN

RM 144.00

Design 1200 x 800 (5)Beige & Grey Minimalist Fashion Big Sale Banner Landscape

[One Carton Contain 120 rolls]

**Product Detail**

Description: OPP Tape

Colour: Clear

Thickness: 43 Micron

Size: 48mm x 80Yards

High-quality adhesive tape, stick permanent to carton box


~ Color

- Clear


45 microns thick

~ Long-lasting use UV- and moisture-resistant adhesive

~ Withstands temperatures of -23° C to 93° C

~ Making it great for long-term storage

~ Light weight & convenient to handle while packaging.

~ High-quality carton boxes acceptable by all Courier Services Provider