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Gre-Kriti was founded in 2015, with the theme of bioactive skin beauty, throughout the skin care product lines, to bring safe and effective skin care products to urban women. We had established a strong brand loyalty and excellent market competitiveness.

Gre-Kriti attracts distributors from all over the world with its extraordinary products strength, has a large number if loyal customers.

<Our Brand Mission>
Gre-Kriti insists on making each product with high activity, high technology, high detection and meticulous quality, providing safe, effective, and smart light luxury skin experience for the majority women, awakening the vitality of the muscles and reproducing the skin's radiance. Say goodbye to the era of thick makeup, turn off the beauty filter, and present a natural and perfect skin texture.

<Our Brand Vision>
The beauty of the face, there is no pause button, it needs to spend effort not to stop repair and rebuild. Therefore, it is our natural mission to explore and absorb the world's top skin care resources and create the first-class skin care products. Little by little, the focus on research and development is less than time erosion, both internal and external care, and the pursuit of excellent, until it becomes the most popular Chinese beauty brand among women around the world.

<Our Brand Concept>
Both inside and outside repair care, the pursuit of excellence, product quality is the best marketing.

<Our Brand Objective>
Absorb the world's Top research and development resources, excellent first-class skin care products.

<Our Brand Spirit>
The quality is TOP, The customer is FIRST.

Gre-Kriti connects with Global Skin Care R&D Resources
 * IFSCC international cosmetics science and research organisation.
 * Swiss Mibelle Group. * Japanese POLA/Shiseido.
 * South Korea CHA Group. 

Product Advantages 
 * The full range of skin care products have SGS authority certification. 
 * The product production plant has GMP/HACCP/ISO22716/ISO9001 and other quality system certification.
 * The products come from factories equipped with 10,000-level or 100,000-level clean production workshops, and the quality and safety are guaranteed.
 * Create no preservatives series, no allergenic ingredients, skin-friendly and gentle skin care products.
 * No sensitizing preservatives added, no heavy metals added, no hormones added, no fluorescent agents added.
 * The integration of top skin care resources in the world, with active skin care energy throughout, to create natural skin-friendly products.
 * Contains a variety of certified organic ingredients, imported ingredients, patented ingredients and innovative skin care ingredients.