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OKADA Highback Leather Office Chair Z7509 / Kerusi Pejabat / Ergonomic Chair / Executive Chair / Ergonomic Office Chair

RM 790.00

Boss Series Office Chair

~Model: 275

 ~Material: high elastic, high PU leather 

~Long Extended Backrest: suitable for people of all heights 

~Thickened Futaba: improved comfort 

~Lifting handle & Back handle 

~Strong, Soft & Comfortable, not easy to break 

~Variation: Black 

# Our chairs are not only good-looking in appearance and colour. 

# The most important thing is to give customers a feeling comfortable. 

# Whether you are working at home or taking online classes, you must choose the most comfortable chair. 

# It is the first choice to protect our health so that we who are sitting for a long time will not feel back pain. 

# Action is not as good as the heart. 

# Our product have five-stars praise from many customers. 

# Malaysia TOP LOWEST price 

# Good product


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